Residential Parking Permits

Many streets along the busway and other areas where parking is at a premium require a residential parking permit in order to protect parking for our residents. Please check if your street is one that requires a permit. Code Enforcement will be out issuing citations to unpermitted cars. 

Streets that require a permit are: Ardmore, Bruce Way, Calumet, Center, Dickson, Ellesmere, Melrose, Noble, Ormond, Roslyn, Scott Way, Short, Vernon, Waverly, and Woodstock.

 In order to obtain a permit, residents must come to the Borough Municipal Building. They must present:

  • Valid state Driver’s License with Swissvale Address
  • Valid vehicle registration with Swissvale Address
  • Payment in the amount of $10.00 (check, cash or money order are acceptable forms of payment)
  • The car itself (someone from the office will place the permit so the car must be brought to the Administrative Office)