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Police Regionalization Meeting

Providing police services to Borough residents has become more difficult over the past few years as there are not enough personnel available to staff departments. Swissvale is not unique in this problem as there are shortages of qualified police officers in the region. A possible solution in both Swissvale and other municipalities may be to regionalize or combine services to continue to provide effective high-quality services to residents. Swissvale Council held a public meeting on January 23, 2023 to further explain, discuss and educate the public on the potential regionalized services, the benefits of these services and to answer questions from the public.  This was a prilimary meeting to introduce the topic of regionalization and to gain resident feedback on whether Council should explore the opportunity with other local communities. The meeting was held at the Swissvale Fire Department located at 7400 Irvine St and streamed virtually via our YouTube Channel