Borough Building Updates

Core Boring Complete

July 2022 - Construction Engineering Consultants of Swissvale drilled core borings at 7560 Roslyn Street in preparation for the new Municipal Building to be constructed at this site.  The purpose of the core borings is to perform a subsurface soil investigation to determine the soil types underneath which will help the architects design the proper type of footer based upon the subsurface conditions.


Contracts Awarded

Spring 2022 - Swissvale Council  awarded a contract to CORE Architects for the design of a new municipal building to replace the existing Borough Building at the corner of South Braddock Avenue and Roslyn Street. CORE has done other work in the Borough including designs for the Dickson STEAM Academy renovations and the proposed designs for the Swissvale Library.

Council also awarded a contract to LSSE Engineers for the Civil and Geotechnical Engineering work for the new building. The Building Committee, which is chaired by Council member William Price and includes council members Weldianne Scales and Shawn Alfonso Wells, will be meeting with design consultants and staff to begin the design process. 

Ms. Scales shared at a recent council meeting that both CORE Architects and LSSE Engineers met the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion goals that the Building Committee has set for this project. 

These are the very preliminary steps of a long and detailed process. We are anticipating a nine-month design and permitting process. We would like to demolish the current building by the end of 2022 and break ground for the new building early in 2023. We will continue to update you on the progress of the design and construction.

Borough Building Replacement Plan

Spring 2020 - The necessity to either completely renovate or replace the aging Borough Municipal Building has been a lingering concern for years. In the spring of 2020, the urgency to address the building’s condition was further highlighted when the rear wall of council chambers collapsed onto and through the roof of the Public Works garage. (Pictured below.) Thankfully, no one was injured. 

Council has spent the past year working with CORE Architects to determine if it was feasible to renovate the Borough Municipal Building and continue to occupy the 115 year-old structure. After a thorough analysis, CORE found that the building needed far too many repairs to make it economically feasible to renovate due to code compliance, structural and environmental issues. CORE has recommended the demolition of the existing building and construction of a new 14,000 square foot municipal building at the existing location at the corner of S. Braddock and Roslyn.  

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