Roadwork Information


Road Paving and Reconstruction

Thanks to the leadership of Swissvale Borough Council and the Public Works Committee, public improvements are continuing throughout the borough in 2017. Last year, Council approved the largest paving project in recent history, resulting in 11 streets being paved. This year, seven additional streets will be paved including: Woodlawn Ave., Prospect Ave., Newmeyer St., Delaware Ave. Extension, Smokeywood Dr. and Westmoreland Ave. from Lacrosse St. to Lehigh St. As part of the project Lacrosse St. from Edgewood Ave. to Westmoreland Ave. will be completely reconstructed.

This reconstruction will include removing all existing bricks and cobblestones, removing approximately 12 inches of sub-base below the bricks and cobblestones, replacing the two storm sewer lines under the road with one new larger line, replacing and installing new storm inlets, installing ADA compliant handicapped curb cuts at each intersection and paving the entire road.

South Braddock Avenue Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Improvements

Swissvale and Edgewood have jointly received a Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) grant for the South Braddock Avenue Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Improvement Project. The grant, totaling $479,500, from the Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission, is to improve the safety of bicyclists and pedestrians on South Braddock Ave. between McClure Ave. and West Hutchinson St. Types of improvements will include the construction of ADA-compliant handicapped curb cuts, installation of stamped and colored concrete crosswalks, replacement of existing pedestrian traffic signals, replacement of storm inlets with bicycle-safe grates and other minor alterations. Plans are currently being designed and submitted to PennDOT for review and approval. Construction is anticipated to begin in early 2018.

A Pedestrian Study was conducted of the S. Braddock Avenue and Sanders Street intersection to evaluate the need for pedestrian crossing accommodation across S. Braddock Avenue and any additional improvements that may be required to facilitate this pedestrian crossing. The result of the study can be found here:  South Braddock Avenue and Sanders Street Pedestrian Study.

Swissvale Borough was recently notified by PennDOT of being awarded a second TAP grant to continue safety improvements from McClure Ave. eastbound toward Woodstock Ave. The timeframe for completion of these improvements is not set.